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A must-see creation by a 10-year-old with design help by his Dad. (Must See Video on YouTube)


My kids and I came up with an idea to make a reusable Air Horn. We wanted it to use when we went hiking, camping, snowboarding, walking at night, or just walking home from school. If we were to get lost, hurt, injured, or find ourselves in stranger danger we could easily call out for help. It could also be used on boats, bikes, wheelchairs, at parties or to help scare off animals or intruders.


We started off by using an empty water bottle and a party balloon. Then we stretched the balloon over the top and poked a hole in it. When we blew into it, it caused the balloon to reverb which made a funny sound. We knew we were on to something good.


Now that our experiment worked, we were ready to try different materials to see if we could change or enhance the sound. We went to our local hardware store in search of parts we could try. After about 3 days of research, long hours in the garage, and lots of trial and error we did it!!! We had created a pretty loud Air Horn out of PVC fitting, a reducer fitting, and a party balloon.


We knew we just couldn’t stop there! Next, we experimented with size. We made small ones and large ones, tall ones and short ones. We even created a double horn by added a T fitting that connected two of them. The Fan Horn was created. When we blew into the double horn it sounded like an 18 Wheeler’s truck horn. Not only was this invention truly amazing, but it “blew” our expectations out the water. We even tested them in our pool, who knew it would float? Certainly not us, but it did.


Exposure to the water did not affect the sound, but unfortunately, the horn doesn't work underwater. We have had such a positive response, we were convinced by friends and family that we should pursue this idea and were advised to go on Shark Tank. Well, as you know it takes a lot before you take that leap. We have contacted a company here in San Jose, Ca and my partner in Bossier City, La shown them our prototypes and are currently doing the mold injections for us. Need I say they were BLOWN AWAY!!! Not to mention everyone who has seen and heard the horn was AMAZED!!


We’ve been “making some noise” since 2012.