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In 2012 We were really into being outdoors & loved snowboarding & Hiking, but I was always worried that even if we had a full search crew if one of my children got lost hurt or injured we would have no way to hear them asking for help. We were also were worried We might run into a bear or maybe even a Coyote. So we came up with this crazy noise maker made of PVC plastic and would take it with us everywhere. Over time people would always ask us for one or ask us where They could get one, And that's when our journey began. we would stay up at night making a few for friends here and there by hand. In 2014 Then we took one to a World Series game and it changes our life, We had so many people requesting them we got on the phone that week and found a manufacturer in san Jose Ca., to take our idea from a homemade piece of plastic and reshaped it into what you guys see today.. So yes in case you did not know fanhorns was created as a safety device so if you were ever lost hurt or injured, run into a predator or Whoever needs to be notified can hear you or get someone's attention. Over time we have found tons of reasons and applications why and a fan horn would be the best thing to use. from walking at night with your dogs, Using as a backup boat or vessel horn, Unions going on strike, And the list goes on and on. Now Clike the shop link in the Drop down menu. At the bottom of each page it gives you the option to view more items . If you still cannot find the color combination or mountain accessory send us a message and yes these fan horns mount to almost anything your bike Car backpacks helmets cars the list goes on. FanHorns The Official Noise Maker Of Planet Earth

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FanHorns was founded in 2012 by like-minded retail enthusiasts, eager to offer the best deals and the most fantastic merchandise to customers worldwide. 
Whether you’re an occasional Sports Fan or a serious professional Fan, our store brings you the collections, the knowledge, and the passion you need for your next Event.  
We believe  in Suporting the Community that Supports us , & this is why we keep All Manufacturing in The USA, Made in Hayward ca.
So what are you waiting for? Check out our Online Fan Store today and get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for, or need more information? Get in touch today.

San Jose, CA, USA

808 840 7144

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